About Us

Shepherd Capital Group, Inc. provides investment services for the acquisition or disposition of environmentally-impacted or otherwise compromised properties. Our team has nationwide experience handling property requiring repositioning or redevelopment; including land, industrial, or commercial assets. SCG brings a sense of urgency to risk assessment, management and mitigation – combined with a relentless focus on driving business performance and value creation.


Company Expertise

  • Project Identification and Feasibility Assessments
  • Project Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Project Management
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Financial Administration
  • Deal Sponsor
  • Corporate Real Estate Functions (brokerage leasing, capital investments, sale and divestiture of environmental liabilities)
  • Entitlement and Pre-Development Management
  • Environmental Risk Analysis and Management – including GFPRs
  • Environmental Insurance Recovery and Placement